Q & A

I bought this journal recently from Urban Outfitters, and I thought what a perfect introduction to this blog on my misadventures that I should share this Q & A journal and introduce myself while I’m at it.

This little journal has a question for everyday of the year, and they are not just a how are you feeling today question. The questions span from: what do you want to buy?, what items are in your fridge?, what is your latest dance style. These little questions are the questions that I will look back on next year and in a few years time and have a chuckle about because a good thing about this journal is that it’s a 5 year journal so for the next 5 years, I’ll be answering a question everyday.

These journals can make excellent presents, I intentionally bought it for a friends birthday and some christmas presents but I decided to keep this one for myself, plus it dosen’t take long to complete, only a few lines are required each day. Quick and easy. And only $16.99 from http://www.urbanoutfitters.com

But now comes the reason I have decided to create this blog after talking to a friend about blogging and how hard it is and who will read it etc etc so I decided challenge accepted. I have just taken a gap year from completing my nursing degree and have decided to document my trials and tribulations on my gap year whilst preparing to save for an overseas trip and go out at the same time.


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