I’m sick, not just a blergh stomach bug, but I chronic illness. I have Type 1 diabetes. I’ve had it for nearly 7 years, yet why haven’t I learnt to look after myself yet. I know I have it, yet I try to hide it. With an insulin pump I thought it was easier, it’s not.

I’d rather go out and get drunk on weekends, which I do and not check my blood sugar levels because even though my meter is small it still takes up a lot of room in my bag. I know when I go to the endo I will get into trouble.

I know that with my lifestyle right now, I’m at risk of all the complications. But I choose to ignore it, Why am I so lazy and putting my life into jeopardy?

I have a support network in a way, my friends are there for me, my family have chosen not to speak to me about it. But yet I’m still lazy?

How can I make myself unlazy?


Therefore I’m going to end this rant now. Goodbye

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