Where have all the manners gone?

I guess part of a gap year entails relationships. Well I guess it’s part of the journey. 

Isn’t it polite that if you are to cancel plans, you notify said recipient/waiter/me and make them not look like a douche bag spending their Friday night by the telephone waiting to hear from you? 

Is this a test? To see where the relationship is going or is it because your telephone legitamley went flat and being part of the male persona where organisational skills are below par you didn’t jot down my number and text off a friends phone. I just think its manners. I don’t want to be a booty call because to me if you messages after 11pm you dont want to see me, you want to see my booty.

Lucky for me this story dosent end depressingly because turns out I have friends, good friends and I went to her house and we watched movies and she let me eat gummy bears and warned me not to eat too much and let me bitch and moan. That’s what true friends really are.

1 comment
  1. gummybearlover said:

    this friend you speak of…she sound fabulous. and she will let you bitch and moan and eat gummy bears any time 🙂

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