Vitamins, Vitamins and more Vitamins

I haven’t touched base in a while but I ended up going to see a naturopath for my fatigue and swollen glands.

The first thing she did was take a picture of my eyeball. It’s called Iridology. From my eyeball she was able to tell me that I had diabetes, there were problems with my stomach and kidneys and this was all before I was able to give her my health history. It was like visiting a psychic but instead of telling you about your future, it diagnoses medical issues. Because of my diabetes, I know that there is something wrong with my kidneys, as everyones kidneys fuck up with diabetes.

So we continued analyising my health and then bam an hour was up. From this hour I ended up spending $110 on magnesium tablets for my stress and fatigue, Vitamin D drops and probiotics for my stomach.

Then she told me to cut out wheat as wheat is bulky and supposebly bad. I was sad because I love bread, I love biscuits, I love pasta. Turns out I can still eat bread it just dosent have to contain wheat in it. Secondly she said I should eat for my blood type. I had heard of these fad blood type diets but supposebly they work. So here I will be trying to clean eat because it is one of the last resorts I have before going absolutely gaga.

On a side note I know it may be a placebo effect but after taking the vitamins this morning I did feel I had energy and I didn’t even have to take a berocca (which i also have to cut out).

So here to a few weeks of wheat free recipes and vitamins


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