90s night and Rats

I hadn’t written for a while but I’ve been on a few adventures.

1. I finally found a good endo, who actually understands me and was like you will f*** up but you are young and I am here to help you through it. I know that you will drink and party. I told her I liked her already

2. I have recently become fond of going to 90s nights. Dancing to songs that I can sing to just makes my night. There are 2 I have been too so far. Perseverance on a Friday night in Brunswick st, from playing Spice Girls to S Club 7 to Hanson even some Jessies Girl and Bohemian Rhapsody, I couldn’t remember the last time I had danced and drunk till 4am with us 3 girls being the last to leave the pub.

The second 90s night I went to was at the Espy in St Kilda, it may have been one of the worst mistakes I made to go. It would’ve been good if you were over 28, but alas I am not and me and my friend might possibly have been the youngest of legal age there. Plus their jaeger bombs were quite pricey. But never fear we weren’t going to let a bad pub stop us, so we went to Rats or Brown Alley. It was a lot of fun and filled with people my age. We were a bit dubious at first, as no one was on the d floor in the first room, but we found where the people were, the roof top, smokers bar where a dj was spinning hits from 90s to now to indie rock to top 40. My ideal night. Plus being a smoker it was also a bit of a benefit. I wasn’t missing out on the music. My friend a non-smoker was also surprised that it wasn’t filled with smoke and she was able to enjoy herself. A bonus jaeger bombs here were less than $10 a students dream price. The only down side was that entry was $20 but it was totally worth it. Also a plus there was some eye candy.

So for a fun filled weekend of dance I would recommend hitting up Perseverance on a Friday night followed by Rats on a Saturday than perhaps a lazy Sunday session somewhere to nurse that headache.

Anyway Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’m off on a bit of a holiday to have some more adventures.


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