Spiking is no fun

This weekend, is an adventure to put it. Many of us, and of course myself love to indulge in a drink or ten on the weekend. Especially after a busy work week where I was going loopy.

Saturday night came, me and my besties were dolled up with sparkles on our faces, ready to go to Rats, Mardi Gras. We were bringing my other bestie too as she had never been, so it was time to pop her Rats cherry.

We started dancing, having a good time, I was playing epic wing-woman for my 2 single ladies and it was working, we drinking,dancing,drinking some more. Then it hit me. My chest started to hurt, I was unable to breathe. I decided to take 10 minutes and sat down, drinking water. Water wasn’t helping my chest. So I signaled to my first friend that it might be home time. As I went and waited for her, that is where I blacked out. I remember calling her phone telling me to hurry up, I remember there being paramedics and then I woke up in hospital. We never knew what happened, the likelihood is that I had my drink spiked or that I had one too many jager bombs and my heart just gave up. I’m writing this today to say that, I have heard many stories of people having their drinks spiked but here I was being invincible saying that it would never happen to me, but it may have as my friends and I were not drinking to our usual standard and we were on par. What is scary is that I don’t remember the police and the paramedics and getting to hospital- I have had to rely on my besties to tell me what happened and what I said which may have not been very ladylike but they did say on a lighter note I was trying to wing woman the paramedic who supposedly was hot to date one of my friends. I’m glad to have good friends who didn’t ditch me, as the drunk girl and were happy to come with me to hospital and call my parents. I’m also embarrassed in myself as how I could get into this situation, it not only ruined my night, but my besties night and my parents night. No parent wants a phone-call at 3am in the morning saying that their daughter is in an ambulance because her drink may have been spiked and her heart was giving out. I’m also embaressed in myself, I made a fool out of myself and was rude to the nurses with the nurses giving me dirty looks and stuff. Yes I had a few drinks and was the drunk one ending up in hospital and of course they were going to judge but they also needed a bed-side manner I found out when i woke up, I was scared, I had no idea where I was.

But drink spiking no matter how street smart or what is a serious matter and it could happen to anyone even me.

So look after those drinks, and for me I think I will stay sober for awhile.


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