Monthly Archives: March 2013

It was a quiet night for night shift all until 6am when a resident fell down and had a gash on their head. I asked them how it happend and they told me that they had gone to bathroom woken up on the floor and crawled to bed where they felt something on their head.
Now before going shouldn’t you be checking on all residents, residents at our facility have an option to request no night checks and this was a person who didn’t want to be disturbed.

I fixed her head with steri-strips, took her obs and neuro obs then went to complete the paperwork. When we have someone that falls policy says that we have to contact the manager. I know of some workers who don’t do this, but to save my ass if need be, I just sent a message to the manager saying she had a fall, obs are stable, I didn’t call a locum because they wouldn’t get it here till late anyway and the dr was coming to visit.

2 minutes later I received a message from the manager that clearly wasn’t meant for me, saying the resident had a fall and since when was I working night supervisor, I’m too young. 2 seconds later a message saying sorry that wasn’t meant for you. Well clearly.

I recall the roster man asking our manager if I could work night shift and they said yes that would help us out a lot. The next thing doesn’t our manager who should know about the residents read my notes I write at 3am in the morning. Clearly they don’t.

Anyway my rant of work and feeling non existent is over.

This weekend my friend and I travelled to Sydney for our rehearsals for dancing in Latvia.
The morning started early and with a delayed flight we became super tired. We were excited to just get to our hotel room, as the boys weren’t arriving until Saturday and have a girlie day of napping, face masks and girlie movies whilst being sprawled out on the bed.
We flew into Sydney and went straight to the Wheelan Hotel in Strathfield (after speaking to our friends it became known as Platform 9). We checked in, walked to our room and came to the shock of only having a single bed, a double bed, a tap with one working cold tap, 2 locked cupboards. So there was no bathroom with shower and toilet and no tv. We were shocked to find the communal girl toilets only contained a toilet, a showers and a bathtub with a scurrying cockroach. The only good thing about staying in this dingy room was that it’s location was only a hop, skip and jump from the Latvian house and there was a nice beer garden/bar downstairs.
So our relaxing Friday ended up with us just napping, and catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in ages, what made it better was that they all came to our pub so we didn’t have to travel far.
The next day the boys arrived,we went and rehearsed and held our fundraiser. The boys room was the same as ours but they asked for a trundle bed because can anyone imagine 2 tall boys sharing a double bed, it would have been a bit squishy especially by the fact that us girls were jumping on their beds. That night after the fundraiser my friend went off to bed, I stayed in the boys room and chatted the night away with one of the boys I’ve had past history with, actually that’s a lie most of the boys I have had a past with but this one we can call the rebound. Our friends from Sydney were in the room too and security a guy wearing a red thirst and things knocked on the door and said people who aren’t sleeping here leave. I told the guy in charge of the room I’m just going to crash in this room as I am locked out, they said its fine as they were going out, so it was just me and rebound guy and of course one thing led to another until the even could happen but then the security guard and the guy in charge came in and was like they had been kicked out. Kicked out of the hotel room after having left it because they were being noisy outside. Well that ruined my mood, I bailed went outside to slap my Sydney friends silly. Caught up with rebound boy who gave me back my insulin pump as in the haste of leaving I had left it there and worked out where I was going to go.
I ended up with the boys, end of the story at my Sydney friends house. No sleeping with rebound guy or snuggling as I made him and guy in charge sleep together and deal with their anger and grumpiness.
And that was a weekend of shenanigans.

It was a Sunday, I was excited because the time had come for me to go to the Future Music Festival.
It was a sweltering day and the first thing after having hopped off the train was being searched by sniffer dogs. People were being body searched and taken away all before entering the music festival.
And then we were in, the first act of the day I saw was Gypsy and the Cat. They always play a good set especially with their song Sorry. Having sweated it out at Gypsy and the Cat we found a foam party at the Strongbow house. It was my first time in a foam pit, dancing away in cool foam to dirty beats was amazing and a cooling experience.
The next set after that was some FUN. I was surprised to see them playing at Future as they aren’t very dancy, or djayee but poppy. They are my secret mainstream band that I do like and their set was amazing with all the classic songs being played.
After FUN. It was time to get down and dirty. Dancing to Steve Aoki DJ Turbulance and No Beef was amazing as everyone was going crazy. It was a lot of fun. Then of gangman style fame, PSY played. I was surprised that he got paid to come here just to play 3 songs, 2 of them songs that no one knew and once gangman style was played everyone bailed.
Avicii, Bloc Party are all a blur.
But it was a fun time even if alcohol was ridiculously overpriced and a smirnoff double black cost $12 even if I could buy a four pack of these at the bottlo for $20.