Traveling to the Future

It was a Sunday, I was excited because the time had come for me to go to the Future Music Festival.
It was a sweltering day and the first thing after having hopped off the train was being searched by sniffer dogs. People were being body searched and taken away all before entering the music festival.
And then we were in, the first act of the day I saw was Gypsy and the Cat. They always play a good set especially with their song Sorry. Having sweated it out at Gypsy and the Cat we found a foam party at the Strongbow house. It was my first time in a foam pit, dancing away in cool foam to dirty beats was amazing and a cooling experience.
The next set after that was some FUN. I was surprised to see them playing at Future as they aren’t very dancy, or djayee but poppy. They are my secret mainstream band that I do like and their set was amazing with all the classic songs being played.
After FUN. It was time to get down and dirty. Dancing to Steve Aoki DJ Turbulance and No Beef was amazing as everyone was going crazy. It was a lot of fun. Then of gangman style fame, PSY played. I was surprised that he got paid to come here just to play 3 songs, 2 of them songs that no one knew and once gangman style was played everyone bailed.
Avicii, Bloc Party are all a blur.
But it was a fun time even if alcohol was ridiculously overpriced and a smirnoff double black cost $12 even if I could buy a four pack of these at the bottlo for $20.


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