Do I not exist?

It was a quiet night for night shift all until 6am when a resident fell down and had a gash on their head. I asked them how it happend and they told me that they had gone to bathroom woken up on the floor and crawled to bed where they felt something on their head.
Now before going shouldn’t you be checking on all residents, residents at our facility have an option to request no night checks and this was a person who didn’t want to be disturbed.

I fixed her head with steri-strips, took her obs and neuro obs then went to complete the paperwork. When we have someone that falls policy says that we have to contact the manager. I know of some workers who don’t do this, but to save my ass if need be, I just sent a message to the manager saying she had a fall, obs are stable, I didn’t call a locum because they wouldn’t get it here till late anyway and the dr was coming to visit.

2 minutes later I received a message from the manager that clearly wasn’t meant for me, saying the resident had a fall and since when was I working night supervisor, I’m too young. 2 seconds later a message saying sorry that wasn’t meant for you. Well clearly.

I recall the roster man asking our manager if I could work night shift and they said yes that would help us out a lot. The next thing doesn’t our manager who should know about the residents read my notes I write at 3am in the morning. Clearly they don’t.

Anyway my rant of work and feeling non existent is over.


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