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If I could change where I work, I would:
1. Have calendars on all the high care residents and make people write when they had a shower
2. Make everyone write notes on our residents behaviour- if they didn’t eat, if they stayed in bed all day
3. Instead of a monthly date- I would have the oven wiped clean everyday, it wouldn’t take long, beats scrubbing away at it once month therefore taking hours
4. For the residents who hardly leave the facility even though they are quite capable to walk- take them out monthly just for a cup of coffee or to a park. This could happen on a rotation of residents.
5. Have cleaning inspections- because some of the cleaners clearly aren’t doing their job. Eg. Why was the kitchen shelf so dusty if it is to be cleaned on a weekly basis

I guess it’s not much, their could probably be more added to the list. But these ideas I have clearly aren’t good because noone here listens to the worker.


Yes I can eat cake
No I don’t need energy drink if I am having a low blood sugar- it already wrecks havoc with my heart
No I did not get diabetes because I ate too much chocolate
No I did not get diabetes because of my chakras not being aligned- my pancreas just decided to stop working
Yes I will eat that chocolate if I feel like it
Yes I drink diet coke- normal coke makes my blood sugars sky rocket so therefore it’s not better for me to drink it
I like food so please don’t tell me what not to eat
Yes I will drink alcohol with normal coke because I don’t like the taste of diet coke with my vodka and sometimes I like to drink a bottle of wine (maybe just a glass) after a stressful day at work.

Therefore people please respect my wishes

From a diabetic who dosent know anything

What’s on my mind??? Facebook is always asking me this. Well Facebook if I told you what’s on my mind, firstly I could get into strife and secondly it would be an essay hence I am writing it here.

1: Why isn’t the oxazepam working on this little old lady. She has been up all night keeping me busy, wandering the corridors and waking up residents because she is trying to escape and sets of the alarms.

2. What is the go with me and boys. Sex it up boy who turns out is a bit of a douche bag and as my friends say I should forget about him but I can’t. He was hook up with an incredible six pack, clearly he wanted my pants. I could use the practice before my Europe trip. But why call me at 4:30 in the morning. Was I a last resort? Well that’s clear as mud isn’t it.

3. Why is it that when I’m stressed I turn to alcohol, cigarettes and boys. I should be looking at something a little bit healthier. And I know my vogue menthols are highly unattractive to some and that I’m breathing cancer on a stick, I know that alcohol can give me cirrhosis of the liver and that I’m a statistic of having an ambulance called because I was intoxicated. With boys bed hopping which is something I don’t really do could turn into making three headed monsters and that i should use protection- I made that mistake once with douche bag but luckily no three headed creatures were made.

4. Night shift is making me go crazy and ruining my body clock.

5. My time management skills are crap, how can I be in 3 places at once on Friday. I’ve tripled booked myself.

6. Diabetes dr yes I should change my line every 3 days, but I don’t do it because yes I am lazy and secondly I have forgotten to order my supplies but I have found a bit of a loop hole by just changing the reservoir but of course I won’t tell you that. Oh and next time when I’m about to have sex let me just stop what is happening and ask the boy how strenuous our activity will be and should I eat some carbs. Also ill tell him to stop what his doing so I can test my blood sugar levels. Real mood lightener.

7. My trip is freaking me out. It’s so soon. Am I doing the right thing.

And that Facebook is what’s on my mind, but I can’t tell you because I’m sure there won’t be enough space plus I think my mother will freak if she hears about my boy and sexcapades.

Clearly night shift is affecting my body clock and mind hence why I am writing this so early in the morning, sitting outside the door of oxazepam lady who is not sleeping and counting her pennies.