Dear people

Yes I can eat cake
No I don’t need energy drink if I am having a low blood sugar- it already wrecks havoc with my heart
No I did not get diabetes because I ate too much chocolate
No I did not get diabetes because of my chakras not being aligned- my pancreas just decided to stop working
Yes I will eat that chocolate if I feel like it
Yes I drink diet coke- normal coke makes my blood sugars sky rocket so therefore it’s not better for me to drink it
I like food so please don’t tell me what not to eat
Yes I will drink alcohol with normal coke because I don’t like the taste of diet coke with my vodka and sometimes I like to drink a bottle of wine (maybe just a glass) after a stressful day at work.

Therefore people please respect my wishes

From a diabetic who dosent know anything

1 comment
  1. gummybearlover said:

    luckily you’re not drinking vodka, lime and soda and eating mint chocolate, people might judge you…….

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