If I could change where I worked

If I could change where I work, I would:
1. Have calendars on all the high care residents and make people write when they had a shower
2. Make everyone write notes on our residents behaviour- if they didn’t eat, if they stayed in bed all day
3. Instead of a monthly date- I would have the oven wiped clean everyday, it wouldn’t take long, beats scrubbing away at it once month therefore taking hours
4. For the residents who hardly leave the facility even though they are quite capable to walk- take them out monthly just for a cup of coffee or to a park. This could happen on a rotation of residents.
5. Have cleaning inspections- because some of the cleaners clearly aren’t doing their job. Eg. Why was the kitchen shelf so dusty if it is to be cleaned on a weekly basis

I guess it’s not much, their could probably be more added to the list. But these ideas I have clearly aren’t good because noone here listens to the worker.

1 comment
  1. gummybearlover said:

    boy’s are idiots, work is idiots, we’re all idiots

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