Goodbye Australia


It has happend sitting in customs right now, drinking a cider with my bestie. Goodbye family. Goodbye friends. Time for the adventures.
2 girls off into the big wide world.
Surprisingly we passed customs, I got body scanned. There has been debate that the body scan is quite invasive. I found that it wasn’t really. It noticed where my insulin pump but after easy explanation she just touched it and let me through, it also picks up stuff in your pocket, like some tampons, because my lady friend has decided it wants to tag along on the ride. So it was a bit embarrassing having to be like alright you can scan them and then wondering if I would get them back, but hey that’s already an exciting story to add. Many more will be added as this trip goes on.
Cheers and goodbye

1 comment
  1. gummybearlover said:

    finally we get to see what you look like! looking good girls

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