Humidity, sun and scammed already

So here I am on my 12 hour stop over in Kuala Lumpur.
The plane trip went reasonably smooth, slept for a bit, tossed and turned in the decision of what to watch, and realized that the air hostesses won’t offer us spirits we need to ask for them.
On the airplane to my friend found it vital that people should lock doors on aero planes because she walked in on an old guy, though the funny thing about it too is that after she walked in on him another lady walked by and he still hadn’t learnt to lock the door.
Then I lost my shoe on the airplane, how you loose a shoe I don’t know but it’s a possibility.

We arrived in KL with expectations that it is just an easy and cheap train ride to the Batu Caves. By taking the Kl express it would’ve used up most of what we have budgeted, so we thought about taking a bus. Talking to the bus driver and asking him a bajillion times if this would go to the Batu caves, riding for over an hour we just ended up in the CBD and no where near the caves because that’s not where the bus was going. It was no use arguing because clearly it was the language barriers fault. It was an advantage taking the bus as we were able to look at the Malaysian countryside, the palm plantations and when we hit the city the street hawkers, plus we made friends with a German backpacker who had just came from melbourne and was embarking on a few months of exploring Asia.
So after bartering with a taxi man he agreed to take us to china towns petlang street. It’s a place where you can barter and buy Chanel and Pravda etc, you also get people offering you DVDs or even tattoos, I said no to the tattoos because I don’t want to come home to hepatitis. Finding that it was a bit hot and humid we decided to head back to the airport even though now we are sitting in the arrivals lounge 4 hours early waiting to check in. But it’s nice to rest.
It’s sad we didn’t go to the Batu Caves or see the Petronas towers but seeing the scenery of Malaysia and experiencing the culture was amazing.

On to the next leg.


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