Where is the sun???

After buying up big in Abu Dhabi, 200 vogue menthol cigarettes cost me only $23AUD, and a 1l bottle of Smirnoff only $15AUD. We were off flying. This was the first flight where I didn’t drink alcohol because I was asleep before takeoff.
We arrived in London, dreading that we were going to look like dorks with our big ass backpacks. We land and spend over an hour in the queue for boarder control. At least it allowed us to waste some time as we could only check in at 14:30 and as we had arrived at 7:00am we were most likely going to catch the peak hour traffic. We finally got let through, no real interrogations though I don’t think the border control man liked my joke about becoming queen. We the navigated our way to get an oyster card which is a more efficient than a myki plus we will get our €5pounds back when wego to cash it in.
We picked up our bags, we were looking like dorks and bam I drop the bottle of vodka and it has splattered all over the floor of baggage claim. I am shattered but we have a giggle saying lucky that it wasn’t grey goose. And then off we hopped on the Piccadilly line. Traveling by train is relatively easy, navigating around London is actually easy unlike KL where it was very hard.
We navigated to the hostel Clink 78 and were greeted by a friendly guy who told us we could leave our bags and planned on what we need to see and what not to see. So before our jet lag set in we took off.
Our first stop was the British Library. This was actually the highlight of my day. Seeing texts from Shakespeare, manuscripts from 649ad, the original wedding march and county gardens compositions with scribbles and how it should be written was amazing. Even seeing the lyrical works of the Beatles with a hard days night, yesterday was memorable. It is worth seeing and even better it is free. We did pay to go see an exhibition called Propaganda, it was about how Propoganda had come about and where it was going. It was a bit disappointing, we were expecting to see more Propoganda from world war 1 and 2. I did see drawings from the American revolutions Boston Massacre, Uncle Sams We Want You poster and the original Adolfo Hitler one power, one person,one ruler.
After this we strolled to the British Museum because everyone had been raving about it from my parents to the hostel guy, honestly all I wanted to see was the Rossetta stone and that was it. To be honest I found the Museum to be a bit boring, there was a lot of Egyptian stuff and I mean a lot probably more than there actually is in Egypt. I even saw mummies but felt once I had seen one I had seen them all, like the Greek and roman pots once we had seen one we had seen them all. We then just sat outside and people watched which was rather interesting, giggling at the people trying to pose for photos. The sun had even made an appearance.
It was time to return back to the hostel and see our beds. We are staying in a 14 bed dorm on top bunks. We have decided that the majority of people staying in our room are boys and man is there some eye candy. We have already made friends with an American who kept changing his shirt and walking around in a towel so we would see his well chiseled body.
Well it’s time for me to go stay awake and have a drink at the bar.
Let’s see how surviving the first night in the backpackers go.


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