There was an Englishman, Irishman and an Australian

The adventures in London continue. We decided to go do a free walking tour around London which would allow us to take in the major sites like Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey, Big Ben but that’s not what it’s called anymore. The tour went for a few hours and our guide was very informative and humorous plus a bit of a babe. It was also good that we didn’t do the walking tour on our first day as I don’t think we would’ve appreciated it as much. At the end of the tour we just left a tip for our guide because that’s the polite thing to do here.
That is what I noticed about London, it’s actually customary to tip, it’s a very foreign and confusing concept.
We then strolled down to Oxford Street after having eaten our stale sandwiches that we made because we are on a tight budget and all to do a bit of shopping. First stop was Primemark, one of the cheapest clothing retail shops in London, it was hard not to buy everything. Then we went to Top Shop which most definitely was out of our price range. I don’t understand how people can spend that much money on clothes.
The sun had started to shine and we were basking on the steps planning our night out. From the recommendations of our tour guide we went on the 1 Big Night Out pub crawl. Only costing €15 pounds with a shot in each bar and visiting 5 bars and a night club. We started at the Verve, we got a t shirt and a marker. My first London souvenir. We got there and we’re a bit apprehensive as there were a lot of girls and a hens party, with the hen making out with a stack of boys. The tour started and we were shattered because again, there were a lot of girls and no boys, they were either not my type or in a couple. So the first pub was quite but by the time we got to the second, third bar it was time for the shenanigans and the hoe bagness to begin. Writing on our souvenir t shirts was a good way to break the ice. And then the first hook up began a guy from England, I just bailed quickly because he wasn’t that good. More sambuca shots later and at the next bar another hook up this time with an Australian guy from Perth but he was all for that grinding dirty dancing shit and that’s just not my style. The last hook up and the most memorable one was hooking up with the tour guide. He was from Ireland, and an amazing hooker upperer. I was very tempted to go home with him, very very tempted and would’ve because in my drunk state I was very loud and clear on what I wanted and now but firstly he lived 40minutes away and secondly his like you just want more points for your game. So he sent us home on the bus and I started complaining very loudly to my friend. My friend also was quite funny having ripped off the Irish guys name tag and wrote Bilbo Baggins. Oh the memories. The pub crawl itself is good to meet people the drink specials are pretty average but the night gets filled with memories.
A thing that we noticed in London was in the girls toilets, there’s a lady with refreshments and deodorant and gives you paper towels and they just want your money and for you to tip, even for taking a photograph in the toilet.
Hostel life is pretty good. If only I didn’t have to go back to Uni and study, I’d ditch get a job as a pub tour guide and get paid to drink. If only.

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  1. gummybearlover said:

    sounds like you’re having a fab time, i think we need a guest entry by your friend. Hope you’re hitting the town tonight too, looking forward to the next entry

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