Gas leaks, shisha and arguing

For the past few days it has been pretty chill. We wake up have a nap, then decide to walk somewhere.
For example Saturday was spent mainly in bed recuperating from the 1 Big Night Out. I would wake up, eat something have a cigarette and then go back to bed. But a thing that we did do was go to the Latvian Cultural day. It was pretty cool, hearing Latvian in a country other than your own. We could hear the singing coming from the station, and could even indulge in eating piragi. There was singing and dancing and just a good day to experience our culture.
Last night was a night of adventures. Firstly we went to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, where people who are off their rocker argue about everything and anything, it was actuallly quite interesting. Being classic London it started to rain and get cold so we decided to bail and go off to Camden town. It had been highly recommended on the list of things to do and from our experience now it was definitely worth it. From touristy shit, to bongs being sold, to hipster clothing, to punk and goth the Camden Markets has something for everyone. We spent hours trawling the markets maze not knowing where we were going to turn up. We also visited a store called Cyberdog, you had to line up to get inside, but it has loud rave cave type of music, with dancers and sold rave stuff, glittery make up, fluro clothes and even down stairs there was a sex shop. It was an experience and a half so after having our head doof doof musiced out, we though to try a shisha.
I had never done a shisha before. We opted for green apple and waited and smoked. Turns out our first shisha was actually quite dodgy as the smoke was escaping but the guy made us another one and all was good. Smoking in the apple smell and leaving a pretty good taste. It also let us enjoy a few hours of people watching. Which is something I am loving to do, looking at what people do, how they act.
After smoking shisha we got recommended to go to a bar that had 2 for 1 cocktails, they made the best mojitios ever. So tasty and not over the top minty.
Getting back to our hostel we went to the bar for a drink when we got told we had to vacate the building immediately because there was a suspicious smell. We had to leave our drinks, I couldn’t run back and get my cigarettes because the staff were guarding doors and evacuated out of the building. My first thought was some idiot was smoking up inside, or burnt toast or a hair straightner being left on. Not being too happy being left outside without any alcohol we and some other Aussies went to the bar and watched proceedings from there. It was no practice evacuation, it was real. Not only was there 3 fire trucks, there were also 3 ambulances and 2 police cars and 2 gas cars. It was pretty exciting and they evacuated us quite well. After 2 hours we were able to return where we went and drunk our warm beer and downed a lot more half pints


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