The Motherland

I could say now that I am home, meaning that I am in Latvija. It is a bit like home, hearing the native tongue being spoken.

Getting to Latvia surprisingly there was no drama as I recount the previous 24 hours that happend before that. My friend and I decided to part ways, as we both wanted to do different things. I went in search for a Buckingham Palace hand towel for my mother, as she assumes that I have lost hers. 15 pounds later and half my daily budget had been blown and I had gotten a big lost due to roadworks happening. I then meandered through St James Park, seeing squirrels and getting caught up in the Changing of the Guard. Another stroll through Hyde Park, and I ended up at the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum.

The Science Museum was interesting in the fact that it was very interactive, there was an exhibition on Pain and how we can sense pain and also on Who we are? and how we are made up. I found these to be very interesting. And I was also releived to find out I am actually a female after completing an are you a male or female test.

The Natural History Museum was alright, there were a lot of rocks. It was still interactive but I found it not that interesting, also due to the fact that I think that I was tired.

Back to the hostel, and it was time to get the drink on because it was our last night. I didn’t want a big night because we had to wake up early, well famous last words. A very drunk night plus it didn’t help that we came second place in trivia and won a full jug of cider and the jugs look bigger than our jugs at home but then after having just converted what 4 pints would be to a litre it works out the same. It still means that with our drinks we had over a litre cider each . Lucky my friend went to reception and was like if we arent awake by 6:30 please come and wake us up which is what they did.

With sore heads we staggered to the train station to Gatwick and made it in time to get our tickets which if we didn’t check in online would’ve had to pay an extra 9 pounds. Getting to Latvia was good, we were picked up, shown our apartment, and able to settle in.

We did have one awkward eating encounter. Getting excited to go to Lido, we go to Lido order in Latvian and get blank stared at by the girl. I didn’t know if I said something or she didn’t know what to do but it was so awkward.

Anyways time to adapt and go back and eat my cheese and pirags


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