People I have met

I thought I’d list the interesting people I have met so far from London and their nicknames because honestly I don’t remember them.
Bilbo Baggins: he was our Irish pub crawl tour guide and I have already written about him and how I wanted to have his pants. Funny thing though, as I was looking amy pub crawl t shirt I found his name, sneaky Facebook stalk and an add later and we will see what happens.

Michael: He was from Colorado and the first person that we officially met when we moved into our hostel. He took off his shirt way too often, and man his abs were amazing. I’m sure he was doing it on purpose. His an environmental scientist who will be watching whales.

Dave: I met Dave when our hostel got evacuated and me and my friend had gone across to the pub. His a cool guy who is an up and coming musician in Australia and has played with the likes of Ball Park Music, Emma Louise and Half Moon Bay. Plus he was nice on the eye.

Japan: She’s the girl I sleep next to. It’s hard to believe that she’s 32, she looks my age. She is super nice and friendly even though there is a bit of a language barrier.

Vienna: was super nice. She wasn’t with us for long, but she was like boys suck fuck them all. I think she was like this because she got stood up by a boy.

Angry French Boy Girl: This was a mystery. We don’t really know who they were. Some said boy. Others said girl. One guy said he had seen them shower in the girls. So it’s a mystery. They are called angry because this dude went psycho at 5am in the morning, clapping at people who are snoring to shut up and then walking down and screaming in French and slamming the door, waking up the whole room instead.

Ivan Trip advisor: he was our go to man at the hostel. He told us where to go and what to do. We named his map the magic map. He helped us with check in, he helped us with questions ranging from how to get to gatwick to if there was going to be a trivia night at the hostel.

Poland: the man behind the bar. He reminded me a bit like the devil but really he was super nice and made us awesome drinks. I also smoked menthols with him when I had jet lag. He was also quiz master.

Pret Sandwich man: this shop has awesome salads and sandwiches, but this guy gets a mention because he gave me a free chocolate bar cause I said it was an awesome place and my first time here. Some people are just super nice.


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