Whose cigarette is this?

So I have been missing for a while. Well I am alive, just been a bit busy in the motherland, dancing, drinking, dancing, drinking and talking and drinking so these next few posts of my adventures will be all over the place.
This post is dedicated to a crazy night. Many of the expats here are starting to leave so there are many nights where we are off doing goodbye drinks. The good thing being in Latvia unlike Australia is that alcohol is so cheap here, usually cheaper than water. I don’t think Latvia understands the concept of responsible serving of alcohol.
The night began with a family dinner at Lido, lucky it was catered for so no money was spent but it was also a bit sad because I had decided what I had wanted to eat from the vast array of food that Lido serve. Being a family dinner and our family being alcoholics drinks were had. A bit of that alcohol buzz was on when we entered the French bar.
The French bar is a little bar in Riga, you go down the stairs and are met with club type music and really cheap drinks and cocktails. They also free pour your drinks. So we decided it would be wise to have a long island ice tea. Thus making mistake number one. The drink was epically strong. One drink down and it was time to meet the group for a bit of a mini pub crawl.
I only remember the one bar, this being called shot bar. A bar that is pretty Russian based but offering a happy hour at 1am with specials of buy 2 shots get 1 free and 2 for 1 cocktails. This is where things got very hectic. Seeing my friend from Canada we decided to do shots thus mistake number 2 happening. Drinking 3 shots that are 50ml each (Australia only usually serves 30ml shots) in about 5 minutes and the shots not being that delicious because they contained Rigas black balzams and sparkling wine. I could only down 2 and snuck one off to my cousin. So technically I should’ve known that I was not in a good state. Another mojito down and it was time for 3 more shots with my cousin and guy friend, mistake number 3. That same balzams shot was ordered, along side a bloody Mary shot and then a shot called latvijas okupacijas muzejs containing vodka, balzams and jaeger. These shots were drunk and then my night goes black.
All I remember is vomiting in the taxi. People have told me we ended up at another place called Aptieka, it sucks because I don’t remember it, but supposedly I fell down, refused water, drunk water and then when I got home vomited in the toilet and a bucket next to the bed. And the thing being is I never vomit. I hate the black out too seeming I blacked out for the rest of the night with no memory.
I awoke with a random cigarette that is not mine or of any other boys that I know. But as my friend said you just arrived home with it. I guess it’s a souvenir of the blanked out night but also a lesson to not do shots and get that messy again.


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