Reunions and abandonment

Country life was still continuing and it was amazing being fed fatty foods but not worrying about our weight as we were working it off by swimming and walking or just sweating it out in the sauna.
We had an adventure day, our friends family decided to take us out on some sites. One of my friends family was from the Gulbene region. Never having been to Latvija, we went in search to firstly where his grandfather went to high school and then to Belava, where his grandfather went to primary school, and used to live next door where only the stairs of the house remained. He was loosing a bit of hope but surprisingly we found the steps, on an overgrown hill. He took a picture and in the photo there was a white light. I reckon it could of been a family member Or energy just congratulating that he had made it. It was bit inspiring. It was even better when we visited the primary school and seeing his grandfathers painting hanging up there.
Continuing our adventure I noticed that we drive through a place called Zeltini. I recalled that my grandfather could be buried there when he died in 2002. My friends family and our group were quite nice and offered to stop at the cemetery. The only thing was that I didn’t know where he was buried. I was slowly loosing hope, thinking that it could be at another cemetery but they assured me that there is only one cemetery. It was then that my friend called out to me saying that he found him. And you know what he had. I felt happiness and sadness, it had been over 10 years since I had thought of him and now I was at his grave, at his family spot, able to say my hellos and goodbyes. The only thing that had me semi annoyed was that on the rock plaque they had spelt Melbourne wrong spelling it like Melnburna. A thing about Latvian cemeteries are that they are so quite, and beautiful, it is serene, they care for their graves or plots, candles are burnt,vthe sand is raked and there are fresh flowers most of the time. I also sad that I didn’t have any flowers but I’m sure ,y granddad would understand. Tears having been shed and thank your said it was time for the next leg.
Our next adventure was quite exciting. We were taken to an abandoned Russian army barracks and bunkers that were used up until the 1990s and one of the only places in Latvia that still has Lenins giant head from the Soviet times. How in the world would you want to parade a giant head in places of Latvija I wouldnt know but it happend in soviet times. One of my friends decided it would be an adventure and wise to climb on top of Lenins head. Adventures with Lenin being done it was time to put on our exploring boots and explore some bunkers. The first bunker we went to appeared to be closed and locked. But boys being boys realized that was locking the door was only a plank of wood. So the 4 boys with all their strength were able to open the door and break the plank of wood. Inside they noticed large crates that looked relatively new, as they stepped in and as me and my friend inched closer to enter the bunker and alarm sounded. We were like WTF!!!! Why I’m the middle of no where is an alarm sounding, but turning to see that our friends relatives have dashed to their cars we sprinted to, with the boys just being able to close the doors. And quickly we drove away from that section. We then went an explored some abandoned apartments. There were no windows, floors were broken, it was like people just got up and left, leaving things behind. We found old boots and even a Russian newspaper from the year 1989. It’s amazing how people could just leave. We also visited another building that was all dark and chilly, filled with graffiti,the boys started singing an the acoustics sounded amazing. They then adventured down to a dark bunker where the only way they were able to see was by taking pictures with their flash. They concluded that it was either a bomb shelter or an interrogation place. This was a place that isn’t written in the tourist guides but you could just believe what life would have been like living there.
Being our last night living the country life we decided to have a bit of a farewell shisha party by the lake as a thank you. It was nice watching the sunset, smoking shisha, having drinks and eating food but then we got attacked by mosquitos, so someone came up with the wise idea of making a bit of a hot box in the sauna with the shisha. It was amazing, the smoke room filled up with scents of apple and strawberry smoke and it got hot. It was a nice end to country life but it was time to get back to Latvian city life.


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