Rain, hail, wind, Positivus

My next adventure took me on a 2 hour bus ride near the boarder of Estonia to a music festival in Latvia called Positivus.
The bus was full of music lovers and hippies carrying their backpacks and tents. Lucky or unlucky for us the day before we decided to go buy a tent that wasn’t a beach tent and some gumboots and rain costs because these 3 things proved to be quite vital for the weekend. Arriving at our destination our next challenge was to actually find the camping ground and site of the festival. There was no signage anywhere, and a group of us were looking quite lost. Asking the petrol station she told us it was a 20 minute walk to right. Lucky that we asked because we were going to go left. The walk didn’t seem like 20 minutes only because we were weighed down with our alcohol stash of 2 liters of captains and 750ml of vodka plus some ciders and alcoholic soft drink. We found the camping ground which was just a giant field with tents and set up our camp and napped because as most of this trip has been we had a big night the previous night.
Waking up after our nap, it was time to get our drink on, more tents had been erected, and people were gathering around, languages other than English or latvian were being spoken so it was fun guessing which and what nationality people were. Tunes were being played from a red bull DJ car, and we were surprised to hear some Australian songs like Emma Louise and San Cisco, with that we felt that we needed to get our groove on, and started a bit of a d floor on the field. People joined amazing songs were played, even Ida Maria’s I Like You So Much Better When Your Naked, my all time favourite song and a song I hadn’t listened to in years and here I was in Latvija dancing to it. After the DJ ended sadly it was time to hit the sack because it was time for the festival tomorrow and the rest of the three days.
First day of festival we woke up and were glad that our tent had survived because it had been quite windy the night before and our tent dosent offer too much protection, drank a lot of captains nearly a liter between us 2 was drunken. By 4pm being a bit merry we ventured in to do a bit of exploring. There were games and stalls that was pretty cool, even a stall promoting pain relief. We saw the stages, and explored the beach which smelled a bit, we chilled in hammocks in the trees and it was just generally a chilled out atmosphere. It was amazing. Time flew and it was time to catch up with friends and start to see the gigs. The first gig was Crystal Castles. It was pretty amazing and the lighting was quite spectacular. I dont really know much of their songs but it was fun to dance too and watch how Alice Glass would skull Jack and smoke cigarettes in stage.
The next gig was Noah and the Whale and they were the only the band throughout the whole festival that I heard play an encore. Their songs like L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N and 5 yearwere amazing, and it was cool seeing them live, I much prefer their live music. Feeling a bit cold we decided to bail to bed and encounter the coldest night sleep I’ve ever had. I was rugged up head to toe, fresking out that our tent would fly away with us in it and had the weirdest dream where I swear my friend woke me up and said we had to bail as our tent was about to fly away.
Waking up to the sun and a slight hangover seedy feeling, we chilled for the afternoon before venturing back into the festival. As it was the day of Sigor Ros. We saw a Latvian group called The Sound Poets, just seeing the end of them, was still pretty cool, seeing a Latvian band sing Latvian words in Latvia. It’s a pretty surreal feeling. To keep the momentum of Latvian bands going our next group was a 90s group called Jauns Meness. They were cool and I had heard some of their songs back home, grooved to them. They also announced that it was either their third last show or their last show of three. Im glad to say that i have seen them.I didnt see Imagine Dragons but I was able to hear them sings It’s Time from the camp site.. It was then time to go get ready for Sigor Ros. We decided it would be good instead of standing for him to go sit in the hills surrounded by trees. The experience was amazing. I don’t know what his music does but I experienced a range of emotions from smiling, to tears, to amazement, to laughter. A roller coaster of emotions and a place where I could gather my thoughts. We decided that tonight would be the night where we would party, lol jokes, deciding to get kebabs at our camp site instead of waiting in line at the food court we hit a lowland bailed to bed to the lull of drunk Estonians shouting in English that they are so shitfaced, and they are not wearing any pants.
The last day if the festival we woke up and decided it was time to get our drink on, plus our budget allowed us to get some cocktails and more drinks not that they were expensive or anything. Our first drink of the day was a Black Mojitio. We have been pretty much living off Mojito happy hours here in latvija so why not try a Latvian black Mojitio. It contained Rigas Black Balzams, brown sugar, sprite, oranges and limes. I like balzams but this cocktail I wouldn’t drink again. It was time to go see a musician from the UK called Tom Odell. I had never heard if him before, but the way he rocked out on the piano and sang made me want to get into his pants, plus I’ll be able to add his songs onto my forever alone playlist. Another gig done time for another drink which was just jaeger and red bull. In Latvija jaeger bombs aren’t a thing which is pretty sad. Our next gig was to see Darwin Deez. What a fun gig, there welcome act involved a choreographed dance, and they had interludes of them dancing too wi a dance off. It was a fun one to watch. Next was two door cinema club which was also fun but the highlight being seeing the XX. Like Sigor Ros it was amazing but this time we were up the front able to groove along. I was memorized by the lights and the way they sang Crystalized. It was just sad that it ended abruptly especially because it was the last act.We decided that instead of sleeping we would stay up for the rest of the night to catch the first bus home. It wasn’t that long of a wait seeming by the time we left the festival grounds it was already 2am, and having met a friend of a friend who owned a bar and gave us drinks to help make the time pass. Packing up our tent at 4am we were seeing people do the same thing, hoping that they didn’t have the same idea as us of getting the first bus. They did because when we arrived at the bus stop it was chockers full of people and nearly a riot occurred to get on. Luckily my friend came up with the idea that she would put our backpacks in the luggage and I would get the tickets, pushing my way through the crowd I was able to do just that even though the bus driver did get shitty when I said my friend is at the back wearing the yellow beanie so you better let her on. A lot of people didn’t get on the bus and as we drove away you could see them cursing us.
That concludes a weekend away and now it’s time to go back to Riga to pack and wash our clothes to prepare us for a 27 hour bus trip to BUdapest.


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