On a 27 hour bus trip you will see

On a 27 hour bus trip you will see:
1. A man in Lithuania peeing on the side of the road openly with his pants down
2. A Russian domestic on the bus
3. Us two nearly having a do,estic over choosing what to do in Croatia and where to stay
4. Breaking down in Poland on the side of the road for a few minutes
5. Myself getting a pimple
6. Getting a microwave meal and the stewardess assuring you that they have diet coke but turns out they only have real coke.
7. Fat shirtless truck drivers on the boarder of Austria and Bratislava
8. Finding out that we missed the metro, and will be in Hungary with only euros
9. Hearing more people have domestics when it’s light out time
10. Arriving in Budapest and not knowing where to go

As you can see I survived my 27 hour bus ride from Riga to Budapest, it actually turned into a 30 hour bus ride and we hailed a cab which turns out to be a big no no here but oh we’ll, we arrrived and didn’t have a map.
At least the cab driver seemed nice, he told us that Budapest is full of idiots and that the formula one is on this weekend.
Let the adventures begin tomorrow


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