The friendly people of Budapest and nachos

We arrived in Budapest and hailed a taxi. Later learning that it was big no no, because taxi men rip you off. Turns out this taxi man was a nice one, he didn’t rip us off, he told us in broken English, that there are many idiots in Budapest and that the formula 1 is on this weekend. Helping us carry our backpacks to the hostel Wombats we had finally arrived and were able to have a good shower and sleep.
Wombats hostel was an alright hostel, not as good as Clink 78, but it is where there are a lot of tour groups. It was also the first hostel where we experienced unfriendly people in our dorm. The Spanish girls, they were bitches, didn’t even say a word, the only sentence they ever spoke to us was “is this your foot print?”. I had to reply no because why would I want to climb up over your suitcase on your pillow. Not logical. Anyway lucky we were only there for 2 nights. The wombats breakfast was amazing, a buffet breakfast with meats and cheeses even a toastie maker. The bar we exchanged our free drinks coupon, and ordered nachos before a big night out. Expecting a cheesy goodness we were surprised to find that it was only really nacho chips with dips, a cheese sauce and a salsa. Not really nachos of an Australian or Mexican standard.
We didn’t see a lot of sights of Budapest, we only saw the house of terror and castle hill. The house of terror is quite interesting, I could have stayed there all day listening to people’s stores of how they
were taken away to gulags and interrogated by the arrow cross, and the Hungarian form of the Cheka. The place I found the creepiest was the basement where they had the recreated cells and gallows. No one paws ever executed there but there was fatal bashings and torture. Turns out like latvija the Hungarians also had hard times.
To liven our spirits a little bit more we took the metro to cattle hill. We were clearly lost but it was surprising that a random old man came up to us and pointed us in the right direction. He was really friendly. The view from castle hill was spectacular and it was for free too so it was nice in the pockets.
Because we had a quiet night the night before we decided to do the typical touristy pub crawl. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Unlike London I was not a hoe bag and didn’t hook up with anyone, but there were still a lot of shots that were drunken. And a stumble home.
I enjoyed Budapest, I’m unsure if I would return again but at least I can mark it off my list that I had been there.


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