Sleeping on park benches with a sunrise over Split

After a 6 hour train ride from Budapest to Zagreb we caught up with another travel companion and headed off to split. It was another long journey of 5 hours on a bus, luckily I was able to sleep just a little. My friend on the other hand had a seat to herself so she could stretch out and I was with our other companion who snored most of the way. Arriving in Split it was 4am, our check in was for the next day at 2pm. So we pretty much had a whole day before we could actually lie down and have a proper sleep in a bed.
Dropping our backpacks off at Goli Bosi we decided to do a bit of sight seeing. It was dark but the lights of the old town lit up the buildings making it look pretty. Plus Split is also a safe country with low crime rates so we felt safe trawling the streets but on a plus we were also with a male friendso we were pretty safe for 2 girls. To kill a few hours we walked to a look out where we watched the sun rise, and had the experience of sleeping on a park bench. It was just serene, closing your eyes and hearing nature while seeing the sunrise over the mountains. Plus it was lucky we did this Walk in the morning as it would have been way to hotin the afternoon. Waking up after an hour we decided to walk down to some more shade and park benches to nap, I couldn’t nap, so I just ready book, and watched as a squirrel was jumping tree to tree and see if it would land on my friends face.
We then decided to go eat some food and check in because we had made the 2pm mark. So bedtime, well what a joke our room wasn’t even ready until 4pm. So for a Saturday we just had a quiet night, of drinking in our dorm trying to recuperate


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