Cycling around Brač

After a lazy day the day before, we decided to hit up an island. The options were Hvar or Brač. I had found out that Hvar had a party island reputation and because we only wanted to do a day trip Brač turned out to be a better idea plus we had wanted to cycle around and the info had recommended Brač.
Waking up pretty early, we saw that the line for the ferries was long. Would we make our ferry or not was going to be the next question? Luckily the line moved rather quickly and we were able to make the 11:15 ferry, and after 90 minutes we had arrived.
We hired bicycles, may I also just add it would be nearly 10 years or more that I had ridden a bike. The saying of something about never being able to forget how to ride a bike sprung into my mind, but I can happily say you don’t forget how to ride a bike. Yes it did take me a few minutes to gather my legs though and work out the gears. We were given a route that was easy.
We cycled around Brač and it did show how unfit I am. As we had missed the bicycle track we ended up cycling up hills and on the road. The first hill piece of cake, my thighs burnt and I was huffing and puffing. Thinking I had a low blood sugar level i hopped off my bike and tested somethingthat i rarely turned out I was just unfit. The second hill was the killer. Iended up getting off and walking the last quarter, but it’s ok because my friend did too. The boy had sped up the hill and was waiting for us saying what a piece of cake that was.
At the second hill as we were taking in the sites and getting my breath back out of no where a shirtless old man with gold teeth crossed the road and invited us back to where he lives for some water. His English was understand most of the time. I was a bit wary but because we were in the company of a male friend I thought it was pretty safe. The man as he described himself as a person who had 2 million euros and lots of people working for him, I think he was an optician or a doctor of some sort. But then he lost it all. So he set up this camp. It was like tent city, there were tents, palm trees, a lot of junk, make shift chairs and make shifts lounges. He offered us water or vitamin c water I don’t know, but it did come out of a haemodialysis container. I haven’t died yet so it must have been alright. He also gave me a Croatian hat, because I was cycling without a hat and the sun was hot. I don’t really like hats, but hey I scored a free souvenir and the hat did end up helping. He gave us a tour of the camp site stopping every so often telling us to take a photo of this and that, we also wrote in his guest book. I don’t know who this man was or is, but I’m sure he is either religious, wants to make the world a better place, a drug taker, a bit of both or a genuine kind man who could turn up being a cult leader. He did give the 3 of us an icon of Jesus. I’m not that religious, but that kind natured gift, is in my wallet right now so that I can remember him from, it’s a priceless souvenir with a lot of meaning and one I’m guessing a lot of people don’t have.
Having had a nice break it was time to continue to the beach, where we cooled off, I also had a low blood sugar level because being one who doesn’t exercise I thought that I wouldn’t be struggling up hills so no need to do a temporary basal. The boy had decided that because us girls or me had slowed him down he would go fast cycling and adventuring. He ended up finding a postcard worthy beach, with white pebbles.
The cycle back was a lot nicer because we had found the bicycle track, so it was flat no hills at all. Arr ing back at the bike rental place it was closed. I have found that happens a lot in Croatia, people take the afternoon off and reopen again at 17;00. We chatted to the owner who had broken English but it was time for us to catch the ferry home and enjoy our last night as a trio with dinner and cocktails


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