People I have met part 2

Alex from Canada: it was more of a reunion seeming we hadn’t seen each other for over 7 years. But then drunk me hooked up with him and he becam all clingy, so me being me I ran away one night.

Linda the bus stewardess: she was nice, let me sleep on 2 bus seats and tried to keep them free for most of the 30 hour bus trip.

Budapest taxi driver 1: hailing him after our 30 hour bus ride, he spoke English with a mix of Hungarian.he to,d us that in Budapest there are a lot of idiots and theFormula 1 but he did take us to the hostel and didn’t rip us off which a lot of taxis do.

Budapest taxi driver 2: he didn’t speak a word of English at all. We were running late to because we were hungover and we needed to catch the one and only train to Zagreb. By showing him our ticket and explaining that we were late he literally sped all the way to the station and we made our train on time.

Canadian couple: these 2kept us entertained on our 6 hour train trip to Zagreb with intellectual conversations about animals and Canada.

Holland boys: I thought they were from France and telling everyone that the room was full of French but it turns out they were from Holland. They were cool and when we met them they didn’t have shirt and woah where their bodies fine. Good for the Croatian weather.

Spanish bitches: when we stayed in an all female hostel we met these girls who wouldn’t even speak to us. The only thing they said was if I had stepped on their bed. Why would I step on someone else’s beds. It also made me realize that staying in mixed dorms and with boys is a lot more fun.


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