Italy: bringing me back to reality

The first day of the tour was interesting. A group of 5 of us had become the newbies as we joined the group of 40.
We did a quick walking tour of Rome. I saw the Coliesium. I had my picture taken in front of it and was able to see the African sellers coming up to you and offering their offerings of bootleg Gucci bags, umbrellas and hats. From the Colleseum we became wrapped up in Hare Krishna parade all the way to the roman ruins and the Trevi fountain. I threw a coin into the fountain, I didn’t want to more than one and end up married, so because I have thrown my one coin in it means I will return to Rome. It’s a city I wouldn’t mind exploring because we didn’t have much time to explore it, so on my next adventures it will be on the list of things to do. We then went off to buy some gelato, there is a store with over 150 flavours but the line was massive and it was a hot day and we all wanted to just cool down and eat some ice cream. We found some gelato and made our way back to the Camping ground to meet the rest of the group but only after we stopped a little girl from pick pocketing this girls bag on the tour.It was a bit daunting meeting everyome as it seemed that cliques had already been made. But we tried our best by attending the ABC (anything but clothes) party wearing bed sheets as togas and playing flip cup, a game I had heard being played the night before because they play it really loudly. Partying was fun and dancing the might away, drinks were drank and I hooked up with an English boy. This is where things got a bit messy because drunk me decided that we were going to have sex and then drunk me backed out. English boy bought me back to reality saying that just because I got screwed over by one boy doesn’t mean that I have to hurt other boys because I’m not only hurting myself but them too because it turns out boys have feelings. He also said that one day I will probably regain boys trust but take it slow and find myself first. What this boy said is true, and we discussed things like that lying in the road looking st the stars. Though when I did get back to my villa which he accompanied me home to I burst into tears with my friend. I think it just hit home, someone pulling me back to reality and popping me fro, my self absorbed bubble.

A few days later we were back in the land of Italy but this time in Venice. It was a bit of a long day after driving most of the day from Zadar to Slovenia to Venice. In Venice we were back at a camping place with a pool and another party place. The first night there was going to be a pool party. I had heard some bad news about a friends father who passed away from cancer so I got a bit teary thinking about that and my friends mum too who is suffering from cancer so I went into a bit of my defense mode which is smoke a lot of cigarettes and drink. My friend and I were on the steps drinking when we heard that there were going to be free shots, so off we dashed to the bar for the free shots which was shots poured into our mouths. Getting our free stand having that pre drink buzzer went and drank some more and danced the night away. There was no boy contact that night. The next day with a bit of a hangover we explored Venice, the sinking city or the city of love. We had a bit of a walking tour and saw St Marks square, then went to a lace making demonstration. Gondola riding even though I was in Venice I decided to decline and just get let in the city turning down streets and alley ways getting lost. It was nice strolling the streets and seeing the masquerade masks which scare the shit out of me but also the jewellery and glass were from the island of Marino. The only bad thing about the day was that we had to wait till 4pm for the bus to come back and collect us seeming that no transport is allowed in Venice. I did ride on a vaperetto taxi, it was the worst experience ever. It was so squished that I was getting groped from all over. Arriving back it was time for a party again and it was alright to be hungover on the bus as we had a long ride to Munich the next day. So drinks were drank, danced to a dodgy coverband. Me being drunk and losing my lighter I decided to go play the lighter trick on these boys. So we went up, asked for a lighter then got talking. Asking the traditional questions of a traveller I was surprised when they said they were from Latvia. So our conversations turned into Latvian conversations. They were surprised to find Latvian people as much as we were. It was crazy. Though back to partying, the partying continued, tops were being taken off in public places, and yes I even took off my top only because every time I tried to button up my blouse the girls would just rip it off. And then bam I find boy number 2. Must be something about Italy but he was from Adelaide anyway. Drunk me once again was like I will have sex with you. So I told my roomie give me 20. She went off with the Latvians and I went to our villa, we made out and then as we were going to do the deed I asked if he had protection . The answer was no, so he said you wait there and I’ll come back. Well I can bet you a billion dollars on what happend. He didn’t come back. Me being bought back to reality yet again. And you would think I would’ve learnt from Rome but nope, I was pretty wrong.
In a semi positive note I got my tarot cards read by this Asian guy on our tour. I asked him about health and he read that the cards I picked included diabetes, and for some reason my bladder and that one day there will be a cure. But of course we all know that that is a long way away.


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