Greece: sun and sailing

It was time yet again to be in transit. We hopped onto another overnight ferry from Ancona but this time to Plataria. The ferry ride was a bit more comfortable this time as we had beds instead of chairs. The chairs were comfy but having a bed is a lot more comfortable. It was also interesting this time the amount of people who had deck tickets. There were so many inflatable beds in the aisles and everywhere you walked around. It literally looked like they were boat people.

Arriving in Plataria we were split into boat crews and also we came to the realisation that the town does not have an atm.Turns out that a captain wasn’t going to man the boats but us. I have had zero experience but as a team called as one girl had put it the tittie committee or the more polite version boat 8, we were given an intro and then set sail. Sailing was very pretty. Our first stop of the night after sailing a few hours was somewhere starting with S. It was at a private resort with watersides and a bar. It was also the place where the nearest ATM was a 20 minute drive. Having only 5 euros in my wallet I needed money desperately. So me and a group of us hopped into the tray of a ute and travelled the 20 minutes to an ATM. Arriving back it was time for some tea which was chicken gyros and time to start partying. It was a night of crazy partying, once again there were people dancing in the bar, showing their tits for free drinks and having peopledo body shots off them. Then we went for a swim sans tops. That was my extent of nakedness. Heading back to my boat, I met with 2 of my crew who were fuming. Turns out 2 people had gone onto our boat into these girls rooms and had sex. It wasn’t their boat even, the claim being I didn’t know which boat I was on didn’t really work. Lucky it wasn’t my room but I as always am a messy person so the room and bed was a mess. I guess it’s lucky that I am messy sometimes. More people went swimming in the sea naked but that’s not my scene.

The next day as the sex on a boat saga disappeared we sailed to Corfu. Though our first stop was a random island for water sports. Water sports not really being my thing, I just sat on our boat in the sun sun baking and reading and getting burnt. Sailing for a few more hours we arrived in Corfu, but it wasn’t the party side of Corfu, it was the deserted fishing side. We did see a donkey though, took some selfies. This dinner was one of the worst I’ve had, the calamari was so chewy and overlooked and the Asian guy said it was the worst steak he ever had. The place did redeem itself though by showing us some Greek dancing. We danced like the Greeks and also watched as they danced with a table in their teeth and in a ring of fire. It was pretty cool. This night there were no boat dramas but we were told to be wary of the Greek fisherman as they were a bit sleazy.

The next day it was time to sail back to Plataria and spend a night at that dock. It was good having the sun, sailing with sails, jumping into the water from the boat. It was an amazing experience. It was just a shame I didn’t get to see the Mamma Mia style houses which is what I imagined all of Greece to be about. But you can’t have everything


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