Places I have slept

This is a quick post to describe the type of accommodations and range of nights sleep I have had throughout these 12 weeks. It turns out to be quite a list in no particular order.

1. Park benches: after arriving in Split at 4am, we were unable to check in and sleep, so we dropped off our nags at Golly and Bosi and trekked up a look out to watch the sunrise and slept a few hours on park benches until it got a bit hot we moved to park benches in the shade.

2. Ferry: the first ferry ride from Split to Ancona I bought air seats because I heard deck would mean no seats and floor. It must have been and empty ferry that day as we were able to spread out on the air seats and had the whole room to ourselves.
The next time was traveling with top deck from Ancona again but this time to Plataria in Greece. We got given dorms and I was asleep on the top bunk. The vibrations of the ship made me think I was on a cellulite burner but it put me to sleep.

3. Train: a train from Amsterdam to Prague. I was also sick. We had no chairs at all and pretty much had to lie flat for the next 12 hours. Lucky I was on a bottom bunk I wouldn’t have known how I would’ve survived the second bunk or even the third bunk on top. Not a very comfortable sleep.

4. Bus: a 30 hour bus ride from Riga to Budapest, you had to sleep or you would’ve gone crazy. Lucky again I was able to spread my legs and lie across 2 seats for most of the journey.

5. Hostels: fro, squeaky beds in Prague to king singles in Berlin to little dens in Split at least there was always a roof over my head.

My favourite place I would have to say I’ve slept other than my bed would’ve been Prague even if the beds did squeak but they had doonas plus a warm shower.


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