Stranded on an island in Dubrovnik

We arrived in Dubrovnik after an eventful journey. The eventful journey being 12 hours on a bus, not that I can complain seeming I have done 30 hours on a bus, but that was a moving bus going places. These 12 hours were mainly spent stationary. From waiting 2 hours to cross the Albanian border into Montenegro. Then another 2 hours to exit the border of Montenegro then 3 hours with overtaking a not moving line into the Croatian border. Arriving at the Croatian border and handing over our passports, three people where told to get off the bus. Our bus driver had to unload the baggage so they could get their bags. It was also at this point where knowing my bladder with my high blood sugar levels had reached breaking point of needing to pee, decided that it had enough of me waiting so I had to pee in the bus toilet which was a big no no. Also lucky I didn’t get chosen to remove my bags imagine having to explain why I had random needles in all sorts of places in my bag.
Though we did and we arrived in Croatia. The next day we were keen to get our explorer shoes on plus it was a sunny day what could go wrong. Having enjoyed Brac we decided it would be a good idea to visit the island Lokrum, a 15 minute ferry ride away. Hopping on the boat, book in bag so I could read in the sun, it was a tad cold to swim it was time to set sail. We caught up with a few people when we reached the island and decided to go to the watering hole, it was a lake in the middle of the island filled with salt water. I even went for a bit of a dip, but I got a bit cold and escaped to dry off and read my new book ‘Ladies and Children First’. This was we’re I saw grey clouds looming forwards. I ignored this until my friend hopped out and I said I think a storm is brewing. 2 seconds later literally the thunder rolled. We were like oh shit we should find shelter. On our walk to the watering hole and near the boat depot there was a restaurant that seemed sheltered. At this point it had started to rain, so we dashed. I was wrong, there was no shelter, the shelter being umbrellas that were now pulled down. Our next option was the info centre. The rain was pelting harder, the thunder louder and there was lightning. I was a bit scared. I hate thunderstorms as it is. Well the rest of the island had the same idea to shelter in the info centre so we were left outside under a tiny bit of roof to the side of the building. I couldn’t even remember safety precautions of what to do in a thunderstorm but I’m sure standing outside one isn’t safe. With a towel that we were both sharing led us to think how the fuck were we going to get off this island. Certainly it wasn’t safe to sail. So here we were stranded on an island and no one had any idea how we were going to get off, when we were going to get off, even better when the rain was going to stop.
What had seemed like an eternity but really was an hour someone had said they had seen a boat, so me and my friend thinking that we are wet anyway headed off to the pier. Lucky we did, because there was a boat on the way, and everyone was headed towards it. But we ended up on it, a bit like my book, ladies and children first. Drenched and miserable a bit because I hate being wet, it was time to find somewhere to eat and a warm drink.
Time for adventure number 2: our search for food. We saw people from our tour leave a restaurant saying that they just ate in a souvenir shop. What an experience, and the man was beckoning us in. It was the first time I can say that I’ve eaten my lunch in a souvenir shop. It was also a delicious lunch, I pigged out on lasagne and pizza and a hot chocolate. Then the man asked if we could hurry up because we were only a table of 2 sitting on a 6 person table and he had 6 hungry people waiting. So wolfing down our food we went back to our hostel to nap to prepare for a night out.
The first club was alright with cocktail buckets, the second club was just not our scene so we ended up at an Irish pub which turned into quite a pattern well only in Prague when we bailed on seconds clubs.


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