Boy oh boy

It’s been a while since I’ve done a boy post. Perhaps boys haven’t been on my mind, well that’s a bit of a lie.
Though there is one boy in particular who is not on my mind but bam his there and when we drink bam something always happens. His not even a new boy, I hooked up with him as a rebound and there have been occasions where we hook up for example when we drank in latvija and the event that has caused me to write this was last weekend. I thought our hook ups were secret until I found out our crew know.
I went down with some friends to the island, I was crashing a boys weekend but I needed to get away. I got there, started chilling and bam he arrives. That’s alright I’m cool calm and collected. Until its about time to go to bed, it was already morning. I was absorbing the quietness outside whilst having a sneaky smoke, went in and got a glass of water and he was there. He pretty much went hey I know your not ok, what’s up. I was like I can’t tell you or I cry, he came to give me a hug and said come with me. New me was like no I’m going to my own bed. He promised nothing has to happen its just nice to have comfort. So alas I followed. And did nothing happen? Of course not because like always we started hooking up. And then the drunken ramble came up. Would I have slept with him? Yes but he didn’t have protection- he seems to lack on the organisation front there. And what annoys me is that he knows how to turn me on and even says I remember this how you like it.
We fell asleep, and then I must’ve had a bad dream or something because his holding me reassuringly. That’s where my mind starts to tick, he never does that when we sleep together, why now, because I’m being emotional or as one of my friends said that he has feelings.
Firstly he can’t have feelings, he was my rebound that’s why I am comfortable hooking up with him.
Secondly he is a man whore, I’ve seen him hook up with other girls and there’s no hard feelings.

Then what got me in the morning when I went to my bed to get some sleep, he was reminiscing about the first time we hooked up. Who does that?

I’ve debriefed with my girls, one said his got feelings. The other said she knew it was going to happen. Then I spoke to my guy friend and his like the guys a bit of a dick, I don’t want him to hurt you.

It’s just another different path in the life of me. There’s bits of old me coming through again which I’m not liking.
I guess we will see what happens on Saturday when I see him again.


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