Douchebag 99

A trip to Adelaide on the weekend caused a bit of a stir not only on my love life but drama in general. Lets be honest whenever there is a trip away of course there will be drama and for once it didn’t even involve the douchebag I’ve been hooking up with.
So the story goes if you flick back to my posts a whole year ago you will have heard of another douchebag I was seeing a boy who stole my heart. Where does he fit into this seeming a whole year has past and maybe in the last 3 months I’ve forgotten about him finally?
Well Saturday getting ready for a party my friend and I are at a petrol station. My phone beeps and it has written party party party. Now who would write this? It’s a number I don’t know. Is it someone who is at this party? Who is it? Does douchebag have my number finally? Well the answer is no no no. It was from the boy of a year ago. Like wtf? So I freak out a little but I don’t reply. Points for me on this. But then he has the nerve to Facebook message. Drunk me was not a happy chappy. Plus I was super pissed that someone had stolen my captains and coke.
So where does this leave me? In no mans land I want to message him but I don’t. I don’t know what to do?????
Boys enough said???


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