Conundrum time

It’s been many moons between my posts, a lot has happened but once again douche bag is in the picture well the one I have been hooking up with.
The conundrum was produced last night after discussing with my friend and his friend the situation. She was like youve been hooking up for a year what’s happening. My reply we still hook up. She didn’t really like that answer and it got me thinking.

1. We have been hooking up for a year and we continue to hook up does this mean he likes me.
2. Everyone knows we have been hooking up and are making fun of it. It seems there’s a bit of pressure to be on a relationship
3. I’m starting to do what I do when the pressure of a relationship happens and that’s to freak out. It’s in my head that it always has been casual but now I’m over thinking
4. Say we get into a relationship and it goes wrong ill loose my best boy friend as his besties with him
5. Do I have feelings for the bestie as he is the only person I can’t and won’t sleep with because I know it will fuck with my head
6. I don’t really know much about douchebag except that he likes to drink and is smart as he has a university thesis.

Holy moley over thinking to the max


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