New Year, New Boy time

Merry Chrostmas and Happy new year.
It’s finally a new year and time for more conundrums and shenanigans in the life of me.
So being a new year I decided to ditch doucjebag and forget about him. I implemented a 3 strike policy. First strike was lost when I was at his house and everyone left. Perfect opportunity for something to happen but no I slept in his brothers bed by myself. Second and third strike were lost at Phillip island. So now I forget about him.
New Years was spent and my 2 besties thought that I was in with a chance as the after party was at mine. Well he wasn’t in my bed, but someone completely different and left field. I’m going to call him the lawyer guy because he is a lawyer. Very left field as no one not even myself saw it coming. I had finally put people to sleep and I was looking for him and there he was passed out into bed. Not on any particular side but in the middle. At least with doucjebag he chose a side. So I slipped in on my side using my nursing techniques to roll him and telling him to wake up and climb under the covers. He follows suit and then snuggle up close.
My inner me is going I can deal with this I don’t need to hook up with him, snuggling is simple.
Bah baum, soon the hands start trailing his that is at this point I’m still hoping to get some sleep. Because I’m wearing a jacket he had difficulties getting to my dress and I don’t think until a bit later he noticed my bra was a stick on. So I go to the bathroom and do a finally check to make sure everyone is alright and take off my jacket because on keeping my dress on so I don’t do anything silly and we were just spooning. I get back and bam there he is naked. I was like wtf are you doing please put some clothes on at least your jocks and stop tempting me. Get back to bed his hands start wandering and then they move lower, my hands move them back up, hands down, I move them back down and the game repeats.
Then I told him I’m not going to bang him or give him head cause i have rules he said that’d be fine just relax.
So what have I found out, that I can’t snuggle with boys because I’d hook up with them I don’t know if it’s a win or lose situation.


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