Trials and tribulations of love

I screwed things up again. But lets back track to last night when these shenanigans unfolded.
I was preparing for a night out when bass player I boy I was seeing during my thing Canadian messaged me going “hey how are you? Just so you know I met someone last week and am taking her to the party tonight.” My reaction good for you, do I care, I have been trying to distance myself from you after you pretty much declared your love for me 2 dates in, and me being me not being honest how I felt.
So that was that incident done.
Here we are dancing now at our dodgy local pub, a pub my friend and I hadn’t been to in ages, a pub where we were feeling old and surrounded by people underage. She decides we should check in. Check in on Facebook and bam get a few likes from friends judging our silliness and one like from fellow douche bag motorbike guy. He can’t try crawling back into my life after he disappeared and try get into contact. Well I must’ve been pretty drunk because I entered a conversation with him and he had the nerve to say I haven’t heard from you in ages. I was not going to be someone who keeps harrasing you after you didn’t a reply.
And my consequence now my mind is fucked. Good job me.